Monday, April 14, 2008

Podcast MANIA!! Dinner Party

Our friends at came looking for some help!

Melody was left on her own as Kimberly and Sarah were unable to record with her! Melody contacted me and asked if I would pinch-hit for them to review Dinner Party. Of course I answered "Of course I do".

Click HERE to go listen. I had SO much fun doing this.

I'd LOVE to hear any comments you guys have about it.


  1. The podcast wouldn't load. :(
    Is there any other way I can hear it?

  2. KP, I'm glad you were able to come to Melody's rescue and review "Dinner Party" when Kimberly and I couldn't be around this week. I was looking forward to talking to you, and am bummed I couldn't be there. You were great! :)

    Nette, you can download the podcast directly from this link:

    Hope this helps,
    Sarah from The Office Alliance