Thursday, January 17, 2008

John Krasinski at Cloverfield Premiere


John was quoted in Variety as saying about Cloverfield:
"John Krasinski, star of NBC's "The Office": "I thought it was great! I didn't have any expectations so it shattered them. I think it's both an incredibly innovative script and idea to bring back the monster genre, but they also started breaking some boundaries in film. The night vision shot in the tunnel was wild. It was kind of like 'Blair Witch' on speed.""

You can read what many celebs said about it HERE.

Yes, it's true. John Krasinski now knows what the monster is in J.J. Abrams project.

Oh, no - not that mystery monster on Lost. I meant the new mystery monster in the new movie Cloverfield.

John was among MANY celebrities who poured out to watch the premiere last night and has photos of them all. And no - Rashida Jones wasn't with him.

You can check out the whole photo spread HERE.

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